A pornographic film is a movie in which sexual intercourse is filmed between couples. Now a couple can be both homosexual and heterosexual. In this, the couple can be nude or semi-nude. It presents sexual content to satisfy the need of the viewer. It includes erotically stimulating material. There are various categories of porn movies but broadly it classified in two. One is soft-core porn and the other is hardcore porn.
Soft-core pornography is a kind of porn movie in which explicit sexual activity is not shown.

This kind of movie does not depict sexual intercourse or extreme penetration

It does not even show nudity, whereas it can show half nudity in sexual situations. This is not one of the popular kinds of porn movies across the globe.

In contrary to that hardcore movies depict complete sexual intercourse. Extreme penetration is displayed in its act. It is also called as xxx Sex movies. A pornographic work is considered hardcore if it has hardcore content. This kind of porn finds its viewers everywhere.

Nowadays with increased availability and access to the internet more numbers of people are inclined towards it.

These kinds of films are further divided into sub-genres. It describes the fantasy that an actor attempt to create. These are named by the act that the lead protagonist displays on the screen. Films from all subgenres are regularly made across the world. Filming a particular genre does not depend on the market and commercial popularity. The viewers are more inclined towards xxx sex movies as these are more arousing and desirable.