In the pre-internet era of sex film making and its distribution people had to pay to buy this kind of content. Even a hefty amount is charged for such content. And to go with that it was rarely available. There were many restrictions in law and even filming location were only a few. It would not be wrong that before the internet age having adult content was a luxury to afford.

But with the emergence of DVD in the 1990s, its distribution and availability both has achieved new heights

There were many new businessmen who entered the trade. The availability of sex free movies has made it a household affair.

Now it is readily available on the World Wide Web for free

And to enjoy written, audio or video content you even need not share your financial details. These kinds of movies are watched and loved in all parts of the world. It is filmed in many sub-genres and most of those are very popular.

Hence it will also not be wrong to say that it is desirable. In the current scenario, a large population is engaged in the business of sex free movies. The work associated with it starts from casting, then filming and then distributing it offline and online. It is not possible without a big channel to reach the huge target population with such content.

Therefore it is extremely difficult to judge sex free movies in only one of the categories. It is indeed a need, a desire and a luxury for different people.