Yes, it is true that there are movies with real sex scenes. It means the pair has performed for real in a movie scene. Sex scenes can be fun, it can be intense, can be romantic. These kinds of scenes involve puppets or multiple people. So the movies that have such content are termed movies with sex.

These sex scenes can play into murder plots, may explore dark fantasies or can simply be weird as hell. Throughout the history of filmmaking, skillful and entrepreneurial directors have elevated the art form of filming these onscreen sexual encounters to crazy heights.

Certain movies portray sex scenes because it fulfills the arousing needs of a viewer

A sex scene in movies has now a day’s become a tool to make a movie popular. As people have sex and it is a natural human phenomenon. So it is not quite uncommon but when viewing others performing the act, feel desirable.

These kinds of scenes in a movie can be instrumental to the story. The writers and directors keep in mind the story they want to tell. But no one decides the boundary between real and fantasy crossed.

Working as an actor demands being open to crazy activities. Filming a love scene can give even the most reputable actors some stage fright. Just imagine if you do it for real. You may think that it is illegal, but many movies have real scenes to establish a sort of genuine authenticity and popularity.